Property Mortgage
Property Mortgage

Public Finance offers Property Mortgage Loan at competitive interest rates to finance the purchase of properties or to refinance the existing properties in Hong Kong.

The main features of our Property Mortgage Loan are:


  • We accept first-hand and second-hand properties.
  • Mortgage loan tenor up to 30 years.
  • Preferential interest rates* and cash rebate of maximum 0.5% on loan amount are offered.
  • Owner occupied or investment properties are welcome.
  • Refinance, new purchase or property free from encumbrances are welcome.



*Preferential interest rate is based on our HKD Prime Rate, which is subject to the rate quoted by the Company from time to time.

Application Procedures

The applicant only needs to bring the following documents to any one of our branches or our Property Mortgage Department to apply:

  • Applicant/ Owner's I.D. Card ( For corporate applicant, please bring Business Registration Certificate and Certificate of Incorporation, etc. ).
  • The Provisional Sale and Purchase Agreement of the property to be mortgaged, or the formal Sale and Purchase Agreement. A copy of title documents must be presented for property without existing encumbrance.
  • Latest employment proof of the applicant (e.g. employer’s letter, Employer’s Return, etc.).
  • Latest income proof of the applicant (e.g. recent 3 months salary payroll slips, bank account showing salary deposits for the latest 3 months, latest Tax Demand Note, rental receipts, etc.).
  • Latest address proof of the applicant ( i.e. water bill, electricity bill, etc.).
  • Existing mortgage loan repayment record (in case of refinance).


If you have further queries, please call our Property Mortgage Department at 2526 1090.