Hire Purchase / Leasing
Hire Purchase / Leasing

Public Finance offers Hire Purchase and Leasing Loan to the small and medium business entrepreneurs and manufacturers to acquire industrial machineries, production equipments, office/ shop equipments, etc. to enhance productivity and competition. Hire Purchase and Leasing Loan for purchase of consumer goods such as personal computers to working individuals is also available. The application procedures are easy and simple.


The main features of our Hire Purchase and Leasing Loan are:


  • For purchase of a wide range of products:
    • Industrial machineries.
    • Production equipments.
    • Commercial equipments (e.g. beauty, medical, optical, dental and cashier workstation, etc.).
    • Office equipments (e.g. copier, computer hardwares and telephone system, etc.).
    • Consumer goods (e.g. personal computer, electrical appliances and audio/video equipments, etc.).
  • Maximum repayment period up to 36 months.
  • Maximum loan amount up to 90% of purchase price.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Public Finance has arranged with major dealers and suppliers to help customers to apply for our Hire Purchase Loan or Leasing Loan.    


Please call our Hire Purchase/ Leasing Department for details at 2526 6490.